Benefits of Growing a Beard

Benefits of Growing a Beard

By: Beau Vuillemot • Jul 15, 2022

You’ve read several articles on beard care. You’ve bought more than a handful of beard products. You’ve spent countless hours on your beard care routine. But now you’re asking if all of the efforts are worth it. Our answer: Yes! Aside from helping you look good and feel more confident, there are other reasons to keep your beard. Don’t believe us? Read on.


It’s no umbrella, but your beard can also protect you from the sun's harmful rays. Your beard can protect your skin from severe sunburn and reduce skin damage risk by blocking most of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Reward your beard worthy of a champ with our UFC beard oil that helps make hair strands softer and smoother while moisturizing the skin underneath your beard.


Cooler weather is just a few months away, and your beard will provide another good use for you: a face coat. By that, we mean your beard will help keep your face warm. Imagine that your face is hairless as a newborn in the cold weather and the freezing wind biting your face. Now, imagine the same scenario with a full beard. Better, isn’t it? The extra layer of protection will let you enjoy the cold weather better. Want to grow your beard faster? Try our beard growth kit, and you’ll thank us later. 


Have asthma? Your beard or mustache can also serve as a natural life saver! Your facial hair can help prevent pollen and dust from getting into your respiratory system. It’s like having a filter that stops the allergens from settling. Also, if you have allergies, check the ingredients in every beard product you use. 


A beard may make you look mysterious, but it also makes it easier for your loved ones to get a gift for you. You’re a walking billboard with the headline ‘Give me beard products!’ If you can, try to hint that you want our beard grooming kit to get everything you’ll need in one gift. Go big or go home, right? Our beard grooming kit contains a brush and combs to help straighten your facial hair, scissors to trim your beard, beard oil to soften and smoothen hair and moisturize the skin underneath your beard, and beard balm to help style your facial hair, all inside a slick tin box.


If it takes you 20 mins a day to shave, that’s more than 2 hours a week or more than 8 hours per month you spend on your beard. You can save time by just letting your beard grow! Imagine what you can do with those 8 hours. You can meditate, read a book, or spend time with your kids. But how to groom your growing beard, you say? Our beard balm helps restore, mold, and shape your beard in seconds. Plus, it prevents skin itching and remedies beard flaking.

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