Best fall clothing styles to match your cool weather beard

Best fall clothing styles to match your cool weather beard

By: Beau Vuillemot • Nov 3, 2022

Every guy loves the feeling of growing out his facial hair and taking pride in his manly beard, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like an unkempt mountain man as soon as it starts getting chilly outside! With just a few fall wardrobe staples and some creative styling, you can look good and still have that perfect beard you’ve always wanted. Here are a few pieces we recommend to match your cool-weather beard. 

The Right Hat 

Investing in a quality hat is the best way to keep your head warm and compliment your facial hair. When selecting the right hat, choose one that will keep you warm and fit well with your style. For instance, wool hats are great for keeping your head and ears warm, but they may be too bulky for some people's tastes. If that is the case, try something more fitted, such as a beanie or newsboy cap.

A Good Scarf 

A great way to keep warm and stylish is by wearing a scarf. Scarves have several shapes, from square to rectangular, and can be quite long. If your scarf is very long, you can fold it in half and loop the ends through the middle around your throat. If your scarf is a little shorter, you can simply wrap it around your neck once and let the ends hang loose. You can wear scarves as they are or fold them into triangle shapes, tying them at the bottom. There are as many creative ways to tie scarves as there are to tie ties, so don’t be afraid to work on a different knot.

A Heavy Coat 

Look no further than a heavy coat for a versatile fashion item that will keep you warm on the coldest winter days. Heavy coats are made from thick fabrics for maximum insulation and can be worn as an outer layer or as a mid-layer over your clothing. To find the best heavy coat for you, ask yourself what weather conditions you live in and what activities you'll need it for. There are numerous style choices, from classy wool coats to puffy ski jackets to fit your needs.

Thick Socks 

Keep your feet warm with a pair of thick wool socks. Socks are often seen peeking out below pant legs, so they give you some freedom to express your fashion sense. Wool is one of the best materials for keeping you warm because it contains natural water-repellent properties, so your feet will stay dry even if the snow starts melting. Wool also has natural insulation, which will keep your toes warm even if another layer of clothing does not cover them.

Waterproof Shoes

You may not think of what shoes you wear when it rains as an essential factor in your style, but the truth is that water-resistant footwear is a stylish and practical accessory for any man. Just because your feet are protected from the elements doesn't mean your style has to suffer. Choose taller shoes, or even boots, if you live in a wet or snowy climate. Shop early, since many men will panic and buy shoes as the weather starts to turn.


To ensure your beard complements your fall clothing style, get a hold of one of the most essential beard products this Fall - a Beard Balm. The great thing about beard balms is they come in various scents, such as Sandalwood, Pine & Cedar, Clary Sage, and Bay Rum! They are applied just like beard oils and can be rubbed directly onto the beard or on the fingers first before applying to the facial hair. It not only conditions and moisturizes but also helps style a beard that might be getting unruly in the cooler temps.

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