Hello Spring! Beard-Growth Tips for the Season

Hello Spring! Beard-Growth Tips for the Season

By: Beau Vuillemot • Apr 11, 2022

Seasons change, but your goal remains the same - have the thickest, most luscious beard on the planet! Why? Because it’s badass, that’s why. And as purveyors of badassery, we’re sharing some tips on how to grow your beard better this Spring!

HYDRATE IT                                                    

One of the best and most practical ways to grow your beard this season is simply by drinking water. Lots of it. Not only is having your fill of H2O help hydrate you in this warm season, but it helps promote blood flow and circulation – two essential factors for beard growth. Enhanced blood flow and circulation mean all the vital nutrients get to where they need to be, and that includes your beard. 


We’re all for looking badass, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your beard grow wild like a caveman to look the part. A regular trim is a must if you want a beard that others will envy. Care to guess another benefit of regularly snipping your facial hair? That’s right. Regular trimming helps your beard thrive and grow robustly. So summon your inner Edward Scissorhands and snip away!

WASH IT                                                                      

Okay, the weather is getting warmer (probably warmer than usual this time of the year; thanks, climate change!), and you’re probably wondering about your beard shampoo usage. Should you be using more or less of it? As a rule of thumb, washing your beard every two to three days is good enough to remove any grime buildup from pollution, food particles, sweat, and the like.  

And of course, a clean beard means the best chance for you to grow it thicker and longer. Care to give our beard wash a try?

BRUSH IT                                                                                                                Here’s a simple tip we hope you won’t just brush aside. One of the things you can regularly do to help grow your beard without pinching the pocket is simply brushing your beard. We suggest you invest in a quality product, so you don’t have to keep buying one. Good thing we have a beard comb and brush set.  

Regular combing and brushing your beard promotes blood circulation in the beard scalp and helps distribute natural oils, practically ensuring faster beard growth.

BALM IT                                                                                                           There’s a reason why grooming products with natural ingredients are more expensive; because these products are safer and simply work better. It’s the same with our beard balm for beard growth. Our all-natural balm helps lock in moisture and keeps your beard healthy and hydrated, promoting your beard's growth. But unlike other all-natural beard grooming products, ours is one of the more affordable ones in the market today.

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