By: Beau Vuillemot • Jan 16, 2023

If you have a square face shape, you may be wondering what kind of beard style will work best for you. Finding the perfect facial hair style for your face shape can be challenging, but don't worry - we've got you covered. We'll go through 10 fantastic beard styles that you can rock if you have a square face shape. Ready, set, grow!


The Balbo is a classic beard style well suited for those with a square face. It's characterized by a full beard that is neatly trimmed, leaving the cheeks and neck clean-shaven. It can be combined with a mustache or worn without. To achieve the look, you'll need to cut your beard to the desired length and then use clippers to create a line from the sideburns to the chin. Finally, you'll want to use scissors to shape and finesse the edges. 


Named after its creator, Eric Bandholz, this look features a thick, full beard with a long mustache and chin area. The sides and cheeks are left relatively short and even, creating a square-like shape. This beard style requires regular trimming to keep the face looking sharp and uniform. It's bold and strong and looks best paired with a fresh haircut. It's also suitable for any age group and versatile enough to be worn with various clothing styles. 


This style features a mustache connected to the chin goatee, creating a circular shape around the mouth. It's an excellent choice for square faces because it helps to soften the jawline and add an overall balance to your facial structure. To keep it looking neat, trim your circle beard every two to three weeks, and make sure to use a light touch with a razor or trimmer for the most natural look.


The Dutch beard is a full, square-shaped style that features a mustache connected to the chin beard with a strip of hair in between. This style emphasizes the jawline and provides an angled look that looks great on square face shapes. To achieve this look, start by growing out the chin beard and connecting it to the mustache with a strip of hair. Once you've achieved the desired length, use scissors or clippers to shape and define the beard. Use a razor to clean up stray hairs and ensure a neat, polished finish. 


This look consists of a mustache and soul patch connected with a patch of hair below the bottom lip. The chin can be left cleanly shaved or grown out to create a full beard. The extended goatee works best on men with a larger jawbone structure, giving the face more balance and definition. Start growing your facial hair evenly and trimming it regularly to achieve this look. Make sure to keep the sides of your face cleanly shaved and connect your mustache and soul patch with a patch of hair below your bottom lip.


The Garibaldi beard is a full and thick style that is particularly well-suited for those with square faces. This beard features a rounded bottom and can be grown as long as you'd like, but it usually looks best when kept shorter than other styles. The hair along the cheeks is usually trimmed down to 1 inch, while the mustache is left untouched. This style also allows you to showcase your cheekbones, creating a solid jawline that will be sure to turn heads. 


Consider growing a handlebar mustache if you want to show off your strong jawline. The classic handlebar mustache consists of two long strands of hair that curve up at the ends, reminiscent of the handlebars of a bicycle. It's an iconic look that adds a touch of vintage style to any face shape, but it stands out on square faces.

To achieve this look, you'll need to grow your mustache until it reaches around two inches. Once it's grown out enough, use a good mustache wax to shape the ends into their signature curves. Remember to comb the rest of your facial hair downward to create a nice contrast with the mustache.


The Lampshade beard is a unique style that requires a combination of mustache and goatee. The mustache is fuller and longer, connecting to the sideburns, while the goatee is kept short. This style emphasizes the jawline, giving the face a squarer look. The fuller mustache can help make a face appear longer and less angular, while the shorter goatee can provide balance to the overall look. 

The key to achieving this look is finding the right balance between length and shape. With this style, it's essential to keep the mustache full and extended to frame the face without looking too overpowering. Additionally, it's also essential to keep the beard and mustache in line with each other.


The Pyramid beard style is angular and symmetrical, characterized by a broad chin patch, pointed sideburns, and connecting mustache. The jawline remains clean-shaven, and the length of the beard increases gradually towards the chin, giving the impression of a pyramid. 

It's an excellent choice for those with a square face shape as it adds definition to the face's lower half while maintaining the jawline's sharp angles. 

To create this look, you will need to trim your sideburns and mustache using a razor or trimmer and ensure that the lines connecting the sideburns and mustache are perfectly straight. From there, let the beard grow until you have achieved the desired shape. It is important to trim and groom the beard regularly to keep it neat and in condition.


This style has short sides, a more extended chin area, and a light mustache and goatee. The Verdi beard can be neatly trimmed and groomed to add more definition to the jawline, making it look sharper. 

This style also works well with a longer, fuller mustache and shorter stubble, depending on the desired look. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the Verdi looking polished and neat, and trimming is recommended every few weeks to prevent it from becoming scraggly or overgrown.

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