Spring Break Special: 10 Styles for Spring Break!

Spring Break Special: 10 Styles for Spring Break!

By: Beau Vuillemot • May 2, 2022

Spring is known as the season of rebirth, so you might as well start your new look this time of the year. Don’t know what to rock this season? Here are 10 styles to consider

The Classic beard

There's a middle ground - the classic beard - for those who can’t decide whether to go short or long this season. It might not be a show stopper, at least it won’t be a disaster challenging to get back from. Also, you can easily pivot to your desired length or style when you finally decide on one. For the meantime, make sure you’re equipped with our Beard Grooming Kit as you figure it out.

The Viking 

If you already have a classic beard, you’ll just need 3-4 months to achieve the Viking beard style. Use our beard wash and moisturize regularly, but don’t shave or trim. The next thing you know, you have a full-grown beard. Complete the Viking look by growing your hair long too.

The Three day Beard

Ok, we hear you. You don’t want to wait months. Besides, you have an event to go to in a few days. Introducing the Three-day stubble. Just let your facial hair grow out for a few days, and you get that rugged but relaxed look. Make sure you get a trimmer to clip your beard to a height of your choice and a uniform length.

Short Beard

This is a great time to have a short, fuss-free beard. You still get to project a badass look and feel comfortable in the warm weather. And contrary to popular belief, you’d still need to regularly maintain this look to avoid a patchy, unshaven appearance. Our beard oil will help you look and smell like you care; enjoy it in Clary Sage, Cedar Pine, or Sandalwood scent.  

Sculpted Beard

It takes patience, attention, and several beard grooming products to pull off the sculptured beard look. But believe us, it will be worth it, especially if you’re particularly proud of the contours of your face. If you’re confident with your razor and trimming skills, these will come in handy as you create lines along the edges of your neckline, jaw, etc. Otherwise, better let a professional do it for you.

Short Stubble Beard

If you’re after a “just-got-out-of-bed” vibe, then this style is for you. The short stubble beard is between a clean-shaven and a short beard. You’ll need around 7-14 days to grow this look. Don’t forget to put on our beard balm, now in citrus scent for all-day freshness to complete the vibe!

Corporate Beard

Ok, before you stop reading, let us explain. With most of your bros going for the more relaxed look or beard this season, do the opposite. You’ll stand out. Also, the corporate beard’s more formal, well-maintained beard style still looks well with an adventurous hairstyle.  

Mustache and Chin Strap

If you’re gifted with a chiseled jawline, this one is for you, as this beard style highlights those assets more than any. The facial hair extends from one sideburn to the opposite side riding between jawline and neck. 


Worn and loved by badasses the world over, the goatee is a classic beard style that you should try at least once in your life. It’s a style featuring hair above the lip and chin and sometimes connected to frame the mouth. Maybe this is the time you try it, yes? 

Van Dyke Beard

If you’re adventurous with your looks, the Van Dyke beard is something to consider. Named after the 17th-century painter Anthony Van Dyke, this whimsical beard style is a highly-stylized trim featuring a full goatee with a floating mustache. Time to make your beard a masterpiece!

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