The Perfect Beard Oil Scents for Every Occasion

The Perfect Beard Oil Scents for Every Occasion

By: Beau Vuillemot • Mar 13, 2022

Congrats: you’ve got the perfect accessory: a healthy, luscious beard! Now what? You’ve got to make that bad boy smell good for all the right occasions. Beard oil isn’t just there to keep your beard shiny and healthy—it can also give off just the right scent and help you give off all the right pheromones. The right scent is all it takes to enhance your look, boost your confidence to Han Solo-levels, and improve your overall appearance. Don’t believe us? Here are the best beard oil scents to elevate your look based on what you’re doing. Trust us, we’re experts.

The Crucial Work Meeting: Sandalwood

You’ve put in the hours, worked your Powerpoint to perfection, and practiced your presentation every morning in the bathroom mirror for weeks. The final step to impressing your boss at that big meeting? Our Sandalwood Beard Oil, with its confident, manly scent, will convince everyone in that boardroom that you mean business. Whether you’re talking mergers and acquisitions to the CEO or talking shop over a Zoom call, this is the scent that makes deals. No three-piece suit required.

The Steamy Date Night: Cedar & Pine

When it comes to planning a romantic evening, no detail is too small to fuss over. Get your car washed. Plan the perfect outfit. Call the restaurant in advance to make sure your partner’s peanut allergy is made well aware of. Ah, romance. Where will the night take you? Let our Cedar & Pine Beard Oil lead the way. Light and sophisticated, this swoon-worthy scent will have your date thinking you’re the height of romance, even if your date night involves In & Out burgers and Trader Joe’s wine.

The Boy’s Night: Clary Sage

Just because you’re out with the boys doesn’t mean your grooming game should take a break. Lead by example and make sure your beard is in top shape – and your crew will follow suit. After all, who wants to be a part of the group at the bar who has a certain, ah, rank aroma? Our Clary Sage Beard Oil is earthy and refined and can handle anything from an impromptu touch football game or a greasy night at the dive bar with beer and wings. Whatever the night calls for, your beard will be in top shape.

The Great Outdoors: Bay Rum

Whether your idea of communing with nature involves bouldering up cliffs or barbecuing in your backyard, your beard should be up to the challenge. Nature and its elements can be harsh on our skin and facial hair, so why not offer a little protection when you need it the most? Our Bay Rum Beard Oil brings a little tropical paradise wherever you go. It’s strong enough to withstand the most grueling camping trips, white water rafting, or chasing after your kids at soccer practice.

The Work Out Session: UFC

When you’re sweating it out at the gym, you’re probably not worried about how you look. Sweat stains? Crazy hair? Thor-like grunting as you’re going full-on beast mode? No problem! But even when you’re hitting those reps, we’ve got you covered. Our UFC Beard Oil is made for champs and keeps your beard moisturized and nourished under the sweatiest condition. So keep pumping that iron while we keep your beard smelling its best – while the rest of you may be smelling otherwise.

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