Upgrade Away: Best Beard Care Buys this Prime Day

Upgrade Away: Best Beard Care Buys this Prime Day

By: Beau Vuillemot • Jul 13, 2022

Prime Day is approaching, and we're here to give you some of the best beard care buys for an instant upgrade to your grooming routine. Before we do, a couple of reminders.

Make sure you're an Amazon Prime member to avail of the big price markdowns. If you're just in it for the sale, then avail of their 30-day free trial and make sure it's within the Prime sale days. 

Next is to make an inventory of items you use throughout the year, such as personal care products. Better yet, take the time to do some research and see if you can do some upgrades on some of your grooming care essentials. Don't settle for a product just because you're used to it.

Now that those are out of the way, here's some products we feel strongly about, and you should add them to your cart immediately after reading this article.    


Your old shaving soap? Throw it away. You deserve a smoother and cleaner shaving experience with our shaving soap that you can now enjoy in four exotic scents: Cedar & Pine, Sandalwood, Bay Rum, and Clary Sage. Just put it in a shaving bowl to make a thick lather, and then apply with your shaving brush. Don't have one? Try our hair shaving brush, designed with dense bristles that also help exfoliate the skin. You'll never go back to shave-and-go ever again.


If you've been buying random beard care products out of whim or fancy, it's time you get serious about your grooming care. It doesn't get any more serious than our beard grooming kit, which includes all you'll need to start a badass beard care routine. Our kit includes: a brush and comb to help put your facial hair in order and stimulate hair growth, high-quality scissors to help trim your mustache and beard, beard oil to moisturize and soften, and beard balm for styling that will capture everyone's attention. 


Gone are the days of cheap, disposable blades and easy-broken electric razors. You're a man with an evolving taste towards what's good in life, including your choice of shaving tools. Look no further than our Luxury Razor Shaving Kit that includes: a high-quality razor with ten blades and a safety razor stand, shaving brush, shaving bowl, shaving soap, pre-shave oil, and an after-shave balm. 


If you want your beard to look better than most men's, you have to do some things most are not willing to do. One of those is applying beard oil. Not all have the patience to apply this game-changer of a liquid regularly as it can become tedious to do. But believe us, it will pay off! Best use after you wash and condition your beard, put 2-3 drops on your hand and massage onto your beard up to the roots and skin. It makes your facial softer and smoother, the skin beneath your beard healthier, and you feel more confident all day.     

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