How to Beat the Heat with Important Beard Basics?

How to Beat the Heat with Important Beard Basics?

While many men out there struggle to grow out a full-fledged beard for themselves, there are many others who are still facing issues with taking care of and maintaining their fully-grown mane. If you are one of those who are blessed to have a thick, well-grown beard, you might as well be prepared of the fact that it takes a considerable amount of time to maintain your thick mane at the same time.

As the summertime is here, if you are facing issues with beating the heat of the season with your beard, here are some pro beard basics for your ease:

  • Keep It Hydrated: Hydration is of utmost importance to each & every part of the body –even your beard! Ensure that you are drinking lots of water such that you flush out all the electrolytes from the body. You can also eat water-rich food items like watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, and others.
  • Keep it Clean: Aim at keeping your beard clean as much as possible. During summers, as you will be sweating a lot, dirt & grime will settle down on the beard easily. You can consider browsing through the top-class beard care products on Viking Revolution including beard shampoos to ensure proper cleaning of the beard.
  • Keep it Moist: It is important to oil the beard well at all times. Viking Revolution brings forth a great collection of top-quality beard oils for your ultimate beard care. Sunlight dries out the beard, and you might as well protect your beard from drying out & becoming frizzy by applying beard oil from time to time.
  • Keep it Well-Styled: Long, thick beards are for ultimate styling at all times. Make use of the finest brushes and beard combs from Viking Revolution to maintain your beard style high!

Ensure proper care for your beard!

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