The Best Way To Care For Different Beard Types Straight or Curly

The Best Way To Care For Different Beard Types Straight or Curly

Beard hair is known to be strikingly different from the hair on your scalp. Therefore, taking care of your beard inculcates a completely different regimen in comparison to the hair on your head. Moreover, beard quality, as well as density, also vary from one man to another. While some have a silky, shiny beard, others tend to have a slightly curly touch to their beards.
Whatever might be your beard type, it is recommended to take good care of your beard. Here are some tips:

Straight Beard Care

A straight beard is known to grow faster and longer. If you have a straight beard, here are tips to take care of it:

  • Use a beard comb rather than a brush. You can get a full beard comb set at Viking Revolution.
  • Condition the beard with a high-grade beard oil from Viking Revolution.
  • Trim the beard regularly to align with your cheek growth

Curly Beard Care

A curly beard might appear like a spring-like structure that is quite difficult to comb easily. Carrying a slightly thicker appearance, here are some care tips:

  • Oil the beard regularly to prevent its drying. Buy a high-quality beard oil from Viking Revolution.
  • Brush the beard regularly with a comb having soft bristles. Bring home the right beard comb kit from Viking Revolution.
  • Untangle the beard hair without ripping the beard hair
  • Avoid straightening methods that are unnatural

Wavy Beard Care

If you have something in between the silky and curly beard hair, here are some care tips:

  • Untangle the rough patch with a proper beard comb
  • Use a hair comb for gently untangling the beard hair
  • Set your beard in place with the help of beard oil or balm.

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