Tips to Growing a Badass Beard

Tips to Growing a Badass Beard

For most, a beard symbolizes a strong, independent man. Which is why young teens couldn’t wait to grow and sport one. However, growing one doesn’t come overnight and certainly, it doesn’t come shaped and perfected. Regular maintenance and upkeep are important for a beard.

But when it comes to growing a beard, people often come to find that it takes patience, time and a lot of effort. But growing a badass beard doesn’t take much more than that. While a beard is already a badass in itself, growing a great-looking one comes with a lot of care and preparation. Here are some special tips and tricks to ensure your beard grows at its optimum.

Watch what you eat

One of the most important things to keep in mind when growing a badass beard is to fuel your body with the right ingredients. After all, what goes into your body will show through on the outside. Make sure to load up on your protein and eat your greens, not only does this make your beard look great but also your overall physique.

Let it grow

Possibly the biggest mistake for those wanting to sport a beard is losing their patience halfway through the growing process. Most of the time, especially when the beard is growing slower than expected, men completely disregard the process and shave off the whole beard instead because they lost the patience to grow one. Before you do this, stop. Let it grow and grow, and grow - until you are satisfied with the length. Eventually, your beard will grow at your desired length and you can head on to your favorite barber and have them shape it for you. Patience is key.

Shea Butter is your friend

Like with everything else, taking care of your skin can lead great benefits. This also comes with growing a beard. Using Shea butter on your face and around your beard area will moisturize the skin and prepare it for the beard to grow nicely and healthily. But as soon as your beard grow, you don’t stop with the Shea butter. Instead, keep applying as usual to maintain the softness and health.

Don’t over wash your beard

Did you know washing your beard too much can damage your beard? Sure, you want your beard looking, feeling and smelling fresh 24/7. But washing your beard every time you get something on it or feeling a little grease in it is maybe the worst thing you can do to your beard. Over-washing can cause both your skin and hair to dry out and thus leads to breakage. It can also cause split ends and would feel straw-like and though. To avoid this, make sure to wash your beard once a day, with a gentle soap and applying a beard oil right after to help with the shine and your beard’s nourishment.

Talk to a pro

This is one of the best things you can do for your beard if you want it to look and grow badass. Talking to a professional and getting their advice can inform you about all the things you should and shouldn’t do when growing and sporting a beard. They know the science behind it and all the tips and tricks you probably haven’t heard of before because, well, they are the experts.


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