Why You Should Really Own a Beard Oil

Why You Should Really Own a Beard Oil

Why You Should Really Own a Beard Oil

If there is one thing to use when taming your beard, it is beard oil. It moisturizes, shines and tames your beard and can elevate your look from ‘’ meh’’ to head-turner. In fact, every beadsman should own one.

But to understand the importance of beard oil to your daily hygiene, it is crucial to know the ingredients your beard oil contains.

Typically, a beard oil contains two main ingredients, carrier oil, and essential oil. For higher-end brands, they might even contain an added Vitamin E that helps keep your hair and skin healthy and glowing.

The carrier oil is usually made with completely all-natural ingredients extracted from seeds and nuts and makes up about 90% of the actual beard oil. The most common carrier oils used are jojoba oil, argan, sweet almond, and grapeseed.

These are found everywhere in the beauty department and not just with beard oils because they are very versatile and highly effective. You can often find these ingredients in shampoos, hair conditioners, moisturizers, and creams.

These carrier oils are used for their moisturizing properties and are completely all-natural. Sure, using chemicals can achieve the same effect but a decent carrier oil might even give better results.

Essential oils, however, are used for its scent. They are extremely volatile and must be diluted with a carrier oil before using on the skin. They are the ones that turn your beard oil from just a tub of oil to a party in a bottle.

With a wide range of scents to choose from, there is never a shortage for the choices on scents of your beard oil. Some like the citrus scents which are often made with lemon or orange essential oil. And for those wanting a more mellow scent, lavenders and vanilla essential oils are a great choice.

You’ve probably heard it before or read somewhere the importance of using beard oil for every day. Sure, it tames your beard and keeps it looking slick and shiny all day. But there are many more benefits of incorporating beard oil to your daily routine. Here are some of them:

  1. Gets rid of the beard itch -

    Every man knows the real struggle of the beard itch. At about one month of growing a beard, you will start to notice the itchiness that comes with it. A scratch can definitely relieve the itch temporarily but ‘’powering through it’’ isn’t an option and doesn’t make you any more manly than your beard. Instead, invest in good beard oil and you’ll notice a world of a difference. As your beard gets longer, your skin produces more oil to help with the upkeep of your beard. However, our skin can’t provide enough oil it needs and thus making your skin dry and itchy. The use of beard oil can be an added supplement to help keep your beard nourished.

  2. Say goodbye to beardruff -


    When you’ve gone on way too long with a beard itch and your skin is dried out like bones, you’ll notice your skin flakes and these white specks coming out of your beard. Beard oil has moisturizing and nourishing properties that can help keep your skin from flaking and drying out.

  3. Maintain your beard and keeps it looking at its best -


    When you use beard oil, not only do you take care of your beard but also your skin underneath. And more importantly, it keeps your beard feeling soft and less tangled. It also reduces split ends and can help repair the beard when it comes to a point of feeling a bit straw-like. Overall, it helps maintain the look of your beard to its optimum until it is due for a trim. 

  4. Beard Oil for Hair Fragrance

    Beard Fragrance

    There's nothing more refreshing than stepping from the home in the morning using the woody and musky smell of a clean, well-groomed beard. Trust us, you'll feel too, once you attempt beard oil.
    Having your man-mane smell amazing is 1 factor you may possibly overlook when it comes to utilizing beard oil - as compared to the many different advantages beard oil offers.
    But as you are engulfed in manly aromas and prepared to attack the world, remember that the odor in beard oil comes from powerful essential oils that are the reason why your beard smells great and has a fresh, clean feel.
    Unlike unpleasant colognes and alcohol-infused perfumes that can irritate and overpower, the vital oils in beard oil are actually working to your blossom, rather than from it.
    If you find the term'fragrance' on a beard oil brand, steer clear and look for something which contains a natural carrier oil, such as argan oil, and 100 percent all-natural essential oils, so that not just impart aroma, but also have therapeutic medicinal properties. nature's premier beard oil contains cedarwood oil which is a natural antiseptic and mood lifter.   

  5. Beard Oil for Sensitive Skin -   

    beard oil

    Do you have ultra-sensitive skin that breaks out in a rash? Unless you have an allergy, you may get a beard rash caused by rough, jagged hair, razor bumps or dry, sensitive skin.
    If you sport a beard and utilize beard grooming products you'll always be worried about how your facial skin might react to certain goods. There are some key steps to follow if you've got sensitive skin. To begin with, do not use hot water on your beard. Hot water can irritate and dry the skin out. Second, stay away from harsh shampoos (especially those with sulfates which are known for burning organic oils), and only utilize gentle shampoo, that too just twice per week.
    Third, don't be duped by over-the-counter conditioners that promise to soften hair. Conditioners are notorious for being full of silicon and only give the illusion that your hair or beard is soft when in actuality, they are causing a build-up on the hair shaft that results in your hair getting weak and brittle after time.
    Fourth, use beard oil! Employing an organic beard oil can seal in moisture and protect the hair shaft. Coating the hair shaft with enriching oil will prevent breakage and remove dryness - the number one culprit for itchy, sensitive skin. Beard oil is perhaps the best and healthiest product it is possible to add to your beard care arsenal if you have sensitive skin.