Get Your Beard Summer Ready

Get Your Beard Summer Ready

By: Beau Vuillemot • Jun 3, 2022

Summer is almost here! We know what you’re thinking: off with the beard! But wait! Don’t you know that your beard actually keeps your face protected and cool from the heat and sun rays?  According to a Radiation Protection study, your beard can protect the skin by more than 90 percent of UV radiation. Also, it looks great on you! So why cut or shave your beard off? Try these tips instead and look hotter than the upcoming season without breaking a sweat.


You wait all year for summer, so it makes sense for you to spend most of it outdoors — at the park, on the beach, and the pool. It’s more than just a season; it’s freedom. Yet, you are not free from the harmful elements while being outside. Sun rays, saltwater, pollution, and more damage your beard, among other body parts. Starting now, build a routine wherein you wash and condition your beard every day, so it’s easier to continue it once your busy summer starts and when you need it most.


We all know it’s essential to keep our bodies hydrated and how it helps our health and looks. The same goes for our beard, especially for the upcoming season. Constant exposure to the summer sun and heat can damage it. Make sure your beard gets the hydration it needs. Why not try our beard oils to help combat the dryness as you increase your beard washing this summer?


Summer weather can make your beard grow in different directions, among other weird things it will do. Remind your facial hair who’s boss with our beard comb and brush set. Be in beard control whatever you do and wherever you’ll go this season. 


Before summer hits, pick up the habit of exfoliating the skin underneath your beard. It will help make your beard look its best and healthiest for this coming season. To start, take a warm shower to open up your skin pores. Once done, pat your beard with a towel to the point that it's neither too wet nor dry. Then, pick up a comb and comb through your beard until the teeth reach your skin. At this point, rake the skin with just the right pressure. Not too hard or soft. This action will help stimulate the capillaries to promote beard health and growth, remove any build-up in your pores, and help remove dead skin cells. A beard care trifecta! 


Your summer activities will range from just hangin' at the beach, easy bike-riding around the neighborhood, to those that will pump the adrenalin. Whichever the case, make sure your beard game is on point. How? Applying beard balm to your facial hair will help keep stray hair in check and looking the way you want it, plus give the deep nourishment your beard needs, especially in this weather. We recommend trying our beard balm - citrus scent, for that all-day fresh feeling.

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