How Growing a Beard Helped These Men Succeed

How Growing a Beard Helped These Men Succeed

By: Beau Vuillemot • Nov 25, 2022

There are many benefits to having a beard, but not all of them are immediately obvious. Some of the amazing things that growing a beard did for these presidents, athletes, and actors include setting their own identity, winning a much-coveted award, making them more confident, and more! Read on and learn a tip or two.

Abraham Lincoln 

The most famous bearded president in the history of America, Abraham Lincoln, is said to have grown his beard to help him set himself apart from his clean-shaven presidential predecessors, while some say it helped him improve his facial appearance. Whichever the case, it is widely documented that Lincoln growing facial hair helped him gain acceptance by the electorate.

James Harden 

Playing behind two All-Stars in Oklahoma, James Harden used his basketball skills and identity-defining beard (His monicker, after all, is The Beard) to stand out from his peers after he was traded to the Houston Rockets. Now playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, the former NBA MVP still strikes fear into the hearts of opponents as he chases that elusive championship. Make growing a beard as easy as Harden scoring on his opponents with our easy-to-use Beard Growth Kit.

Leonardo DiCaprio

While Leonardo DiCaprio  is usually clean-shaven in real life, it's for a bearded role in the movie The Revenant that finally gave him that much-coveted Oscar statue. Of course, his impeccable performance won him the award, but we're sure his physical appearance helped seal the deal. Speaking of winning performance, feel like a pro with our Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit for your grooming needs. 

Salvador Dalí 

Surrealist master Salvador Dalí's mustache were so much a part of his public persona that he even trademarked them, ensuring that no other artist could use them in their work without Dalí's permission. Shape and style your facial hair like Dalí or maybe something more mainstream with our Beard Balm

Jason Momoa 

After years of shaving, Jason Momoa finally decided to grow out his beard. ‘I was like, 'F--k it, I'm going to let it grow,' he told a popular men's magazine. Now, his beard is arguably one of his most recognizable features and has helped him land roles in major Hollywood productions such as Aquaman and Game of Thrones

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