How to Change Your Beard Style Without Cutting It

How to Change Your Beard Style Without Cutting It

By: Operations Branded • Dec 1, 2022

In need of a change? We all do from time to time. Although facial hair can come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, one thing that unites every beard-wearer is the desire to do something other than the same old look they've had for quite some time. Let us help you switch up your beard style without cutting it by following these five tips.

Try a New Shape

Experiment with a new shape. If you have a round face, try growing your beard and turning it into a goatee. If you have a square jaw, try growing it and styling it as a long beard with an undercut.

Don't be afraid to get creative - sometimes, the best way to change your style is by doing something completely different from what you're used to. Good thing there's our beard balm to help you style your beard however you want to. Since you'll be experimenting a lot, you might as well get our 4-pack, which comes in the following exotic scents: Sandalwood, Pine & Cedar, Bay Rum and Clary Sage

Grow It Out

One of the easiest ways to change your beard style is by growing it. Let it grow for a few weeks, and trim only the portions that are too long or unruly. Use our Tea Tree Beard Wash & Conditioner, which promotes healthy beard growth and leaves facial hair as soft as a baby's bottom. Our beard wash and conditioner is also the perfect combo for winter weather as it cleans and nourishes.

Trim the Neckline

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to change your look, consider trimming the neckline. This act will remove some length around the bottom of your beard and give you a fresh new look without shaving it all off. Plus, this is an excellent option if you're growing your beard or are in the process of growing one out.

Clean Up the Cheeks

Clipping the hair on the cheeks can help give your beard a fuller look. However, it's optional for some beard styles. Remember that if you choose to clip your cheek hair, you'll need a good pair of barber's shears and some styling gel or wax to get an even cut.

You can also use a trimmer set on its lowest setting and slowly trim away stray hairs along the jawline while combing them with your fingers.

Tweak the Mustache

The easiest way to change your beard style without cutting it is by tweaking the mustache. To do this, use a small pair of scissors and cut the top half of your mustache at an angle. This act will give you a wide variety of looks, from full-on mustache to half-mustache or even goatee with just some simple snips. Finish in style with our Mustache Wax which you can get as 2-pack. 

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