How To Choose A Razor

How To Choose A Razor

By: Beau Vuillemot • Feb 21, 2022

Shaving is an art, and it takes time and practice before you’re suddenly Michaelangelo. (And by “Michaelangelo,” we’re referring to both the Renaissance sculptor and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.) Every artist needs their tool, so we’re here to help you figure out which razor works best for you. Depending on the needs of your skin and the texture of your beard, you can’t just use any old razor on your skin. The wrong razor can lead to razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritated skin – yikes. You’re a grown man now, and it’s time for a grown-up razor. Toss that crusty plastic monstrosity taking up residence in your shower in the trash now!

After all, there are a lot of options out there, and it can get overwhelming. So before you give up and decide to just grow out your beard forever, Gandalf-style, don’t worry. This is a painless guide to finding the right razor for your skin and beard type.

Single Blade Razor

Don't be fooled by its simplicity! Besides, it’s usually the simplest things that work best. A single blade razor is perfect for shaving the surface of your skin, which means you get a close shave minus razor bumps or ingrown hairs. If you have skin that's easily irritated and want an efficient, sustainable shave, single blade razors are your best bet. Looking for the best option? Check out our Barber Single Edge Razor Blades. Made from Japanese Stainless Steel, these bad boys give you a smooth, close shave without leaving your skin red and angry. 

Double Edge Razor

Talk about an icon. Double edge razor blades have been around for centuries, and for good reason. (If it was good enough for 18th century men about town, they must’ve been on to something, right?) They're built to reduce friction, and they're a favorite of barbers since they're easier on your skin and have lower waste than cartridge razors. Check out our Double Edge Razor Blades, our highest quality edging blades for a precise and clean shave. The blades are lubricated with our specially formulated shaving cream, hydrate the skin and protect it from any irritation, leaving a soothing sensation. Once you get used to these razor blades, there’s no going back.

Straight Edge Barber Razor

Look at you, lone wolf! So you want to eschew a razor altogether and use a straight edge blade like a detective in an old noir film. We see you, Humphrey Bogart. Straight razors are hailed as the closest shave a man can get, thanks to how sharp quality steel blades remain, even after multiple uses. You're also less likely to miss patches of stubble, and you'll probably only need one shave a day with its precision. Our Straight Edge Barber Razor is ideal for close shaving, and with the right technique and practice, you'll have high-quality, barber-level shaves.

The Right Accessories

Of course, a razor is just the first step. That would be like showing up to battle with just a helmet, nothing else! Where’s the decency in that? Your shave isn't complete without prepping your face first with pre-shave oil, and then moisturizing after with after-shave balm – that’s just skincare 101. Not to mention an essential shaving soap. Our Luxury Razor Shaving Kit is your one-stop shop for all your shaving accessory needs once you've decided which razor is best for you. You're welcome.

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