How To Grow Your Beard

How To Grow Your Beard

By: Beau Vuillemot • Feb 8, 2022

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all wake up to a magically sprouted, lush, lumberjack-worthy beard? Well, tough. For most of us, beards take time and patience, two words that don't exactly scream, "🎉PARTY!🎉" but don't worry. We got you. Whether you’re stuck at a patchy half-beard or struggling with dry skin or flaking, have no fear. Here’s how to grow the Gandalf-level beard of your dreams with all the right products along the way. Wizard hat and kick-ass staff not included.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

The key to prepping for a new beard? Drop the skincare routine! Moisturize daily and exfoliate once a week to stimulate new hair growth. Why? You need clean, healthy skin to grow a clean, healthy beard. Never underestimate the power of refreshed, cared for skin! To achieve this, our exfoliating facial scrub keeps ingrown hairs and razor bumps at bay, while our face moisturizing cream keeps skin hydrated and nourished.

Let It Grow

Depending on your hair, this could take anywhere from days to weeks. Again, patience is key, but yeah, it can be a drag. In the meantime, tackle that to-do list! Call your dad! Watch that 12-hour nature documentary! If your beard grows in patches, resist the urge to shave it and let that bad boy grow in. Our beard comb and brush set will help you keep things groomed and neat as more hair comes in.

Trim It Accordingly

You did it! You’re now rocking a beard as luscious and thick as those dudes from ZZ Top! But the work doesn’t end there, my friend, not at all. You know that guy at the bar with the weird neck beard? Yeah, don’t be that guy. As your beard fully grows in, keep the neckline and cheek lines neat based on where you want to direct hair growth. Grooming scissors are key, as well as a trusty razor set up

Beard Care 101

Growing a beard is only the first step. Beard maintenance is an art in itself, but thankfully, you are in the hands of a Chuck Norris-level master. Don’t let your beard become scraggly or dry – you aren’t the captain of a pirate ship. (Or are you?) Our Sandalwood beard wash and conditioner deep cleans and nourishes your beard and is perfect for daily care. Pair it with our shaving soap, a must-have for keeping skin fresh post-shave.

Style That Beard

The best part of rocking a beard? Showing it off. You’ve earned it, after all. Think anyone can grow a beard? Think again! Restore, mold, and shape your beard using our beard balms to give you the perfectly coiffed look, worthy of any Wes Anderson film. Want to really kick it up a notch? Our beard oil prevents flaking and itching, as well as gives you a tantalizing scent that will launch your beard into legendary status.

And there you have it! For an even more seamless beard growing experience, check out our beard kits, which give you everything you need on your journey to a full-on, Santa-level beard. Happy beard growing, vikings!

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