A Clean and Fresh Summer Beard? Here’s How.

A Clean and Fresh Summer Beard? Here’s How.

By: Beau Vuillemot • Aug 3, 2021

Summer is a time when a man’s patience in maintaining a beard is put to the test, thanks to the heat and humidity! Going for a clean shave seems tempting, but are you ready to shave off the beard you spent all winter growing?

It doesn’t have to be a hard choice. You can keep the summer beard and still feel clean and fresh. Here are a few tips for handling grooming and maintenance like a pro:

  1. Trim frequently:

    Hair grows faster in the summer, it's a fact. So don't be afraid to go a little shorter—whether it’s a stubble or a tapered beard—go for what makes you happier and more comfortable in the summer. The Summer beard style, using the Viking Revolution beard groom kit, is a great way to keep you looking fresh in the sun. 

  2. If pool chlorine is inevitable, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize:

    Swimming is a great way to keep cool in the summer, but pool chlorine can rid the natural oils that the skin produces to hydrate your beard. A combination of beard wash and conditioner, plus beard oil or balm, will keep hair and skin moisturized.

  3. Clean up more often to remove trapped dirt:

    This time of the year, the weather can be harsh on the beard and skin. On top of the perspiration, outdoor activities can cause oil buildup, which may lead to acne. If you use a beard wash twice a week, consider doubling that in the summer for a fresh, clean feeling. A beard wash and conditioner is all you need to maintain a healthy routine.

  4. Try new scents that will leave a fresh, clean feeling:

    If you have a go-to masculine scent all year long, summer is the perfect time to mix things up. Go with citrus scents, like Viking Revolution’s citrus beard balm. It won’t just leave an impression on other people, but it will also leave a light, refreshing feeling like sipping a colada while basking under the sun.

  5. When traveling, pack these grooming essentials:

    Going on a trip with a beard? Whether it’s for a week or for a month, pack light and keep a simple morning routine. Bring the essentials that you can find in this travel-friendly beard conditioning set, which includes a beard wash, conditioner, balm, oil, and a comb.

Remember, beards can be lengthy and bushy in the summer and still make you look impressive. It’s a myth that beards trap heat! In fact, they create a layer that protects the face from harmful UV rays. The Summer Beard is a great way to feel clean and fresh in the heat. All you need are a few simple tweaks to your grooming and maintenance routine.

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