Your No-Fuss Beard Grooming Guide

Your No-Fuss Beard Grooming Guide

By: Beau Vuillemot • Jun 30, 2021

Viking Revolution has a new look to match the growing taste of our users! To help you beard growers out there, here’s a no-fuss beard grooming guide to getting started.

1. Shampoo AND conditioner

Your beard needs a little extra care that only beard shampoos can give. Because your face does not produce as much oil as your scalp does, a beard wash will be best for cleaning and growth in that area.

Use the Viking Revolution Shampoo to wash your beard twice or thrice a week. It comes in peppermint and eucalyptus, and sandalwood scents. Too much may dry out the skin underneath or cause an overproduction of oil. Use the conditioner more often as it serves as the foundation of a soft and healthy beard.

2. Practice trimming, but don’t over trim

If you want a proper beard that’s neatly groomed and growing healthy, you need to have the patience to grow it out first.

At the beginning, check the current outline of where the hair is growing so that you can set expectations properly. Beards grow differently for each individual–some grow heavily from a good portion of the lower cheeks to the jawline, while others can only grow a goatee at best.

Regularly trim the split ends, which are a sign of dry and brittle hair. If you do not trim a stubborn end, the splits will climb up to the roots and at that point, it will be beyond repair.

Check out the Viking Revolution Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit to start! It contains beard scissors, a comb, a brush, beard oil and beard balm so you can trim and care for your beard anywhere you go.

3. Know when to sculpt

When patchiness becomes more evident, you know it's time to trim. Trim and let the shorter, patchy parts catch up on length.

For men blessed with voluminous beards, sculpting takes time and practice. Maintaining a regular trimming schedule is key to helping spur growth, too.

Select the shape and length you think is visually attractive. Once you know the style you want based on your face shape and the growth area of the beard, you can start shopping for the right set of tools.

For example, if you want the 5 0’clock beard, clippers are perfect for trimming after growing it out for about 4-5 days. Then you can use scissors to cut off stray hair.

4. Comb or brush

The Viking Revolution comb and brush are excellent additions to your essentials kit. You can use these along with beard oil to help detangle ends or manage curly hair prior to trimming.

These tools also help in making sure that products like beard oil are evenly distributed on every strand. For men with longer beards, the comb will help in styling after applying beard balm.

The Viking Revolution comb has wide and narrow width teeth to match your needs. It is made of sandalwood and is anti-static.

5. Beard oil or beard balm for extra care

Apply two to three drops of Viking Revolution Beard Oil on your palms and gently work it on your beard. Do this before applying the shaving cream for a smoother, cleaner shave.

It conditions and moisturizes the hair, making it supple and healthier-looking. Beard oils can also come in several scents to leave you smelling good all day.

A beard balm has a thicker consistency but moisturizes and conditions the same way. Use the Viking Revolution Beard Balm to mold and shape your beard. It’s easily absorbed and it doesn’t leave a greasy feel.

Now you’re ready to take on the world feeling your best! Make these steps a routine, and next thing you know, your beard will look like a healthy, well-groomed mane that’s irresistibly soft and neat.

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