Easy ways to comb your beard the right way

Easy ways to comb your beard the right way

Have you been growing your beard for some time now? Need to groom it properly? A beard comb is an essential beard grooming tool that can help you with the same. You can come across a huge collection of different types of beard combs at the Viking Revolution. Choose the best one for your diverse needs.

If you really wish to grow a soft, well-groomed beard for yourself, using the right beard comb is an integral part of your daily routine. The experts at Viking Revolution suggest that you should try using the beard comb in combination with beard oil or beard balm for the best results.

Learning to use a beard comb for the first time? Here are some important points for you to know:

  • Wood Vs. Plastic Beard Combs: Plastic combs can only ruin your lengthy efforts in growing a full-fledged beard. When it comes to combing and taking care of your long beard, wooden combs are regarded as the best choice. The beard comb that you choose can also be made out of metal or horn/bone. You should aim at using sustainable products to refrain from contributing to deforestation or threat to the wildlife species. Moreover, plastic combs also contribute to environmental degradation. The plastic comb became the primary comb manufactured and used across the world. However, plastic combs aren't the best for your beard. They produce static electricity as you comb your beard, causing it to become more entangled.
    A good wooden comb can be reached from many different wood types. We believe that bamboo is the best option for a beard comb. Wooden combs distribute the oils more evenly, thus coating your beard from rotating to tip, which metal or plastic combs won't do as effectively. Wooden combs can last a lifetime if properly cared for. If you want to clean or wash your comb, simply run some warm water over the spoon, then wipe it all clean.
  • Using a Beard Comb: Start with putting the beard oil to your healthy mane. Starting from the bottom part, start combing upwards. A beard comb is ideal for detangling your facial hair. Pick a beard comb in line with the length and thickness of your hair, and how curly it is. Among the biggest advantages of combing your beard is that it will style it. This will not apply to short beards, but if it grows out longer, a comb is perfect for styling it. After applying beard balm, you can shape and straighten it in whatever way you want.
    A beard comb also comes in handy when you want to groom your beard with scissors. Employing a beard comb gives you excellent control, letting you trim or cut your beard accurately, particularly if your beard is curled. After this, starting from the top of the beard, start combing down to straighten up the hair.

 Try combing only a few times during the day. Too much combing can dry out the skin beneath. Therefore, you should comb the beard only when you need the same. Make sure that you bring home the high-quality beard oil and beard comb for proper beard care & grooming.

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