Top ways to prepare your beard for the winter

Top ways to prepare your beard for the winter

Men generally tend to grow their beards in winter. This is because it has several pros. Growing a beard in winter not only keeps you warm but also help you fight the harmful UV rays. While you might want to grow a beard in winter, what you might not know is that it is difficult to care for a beard in this season. The beard hair can get dry and brittle due to low humidity and harsh weather.

Here’s how you can prepare your beard for winter.

1. Do not use hot water
Hot water is the biggest enemy for your beard. It can strip your beard hair and skin of essential natural oils. This can cause brittle and dry hair, along with itchy skin.

2. Use as less shampoo as possible
We understand that you would need to keep your beard clean even in winter. But you should try and reduce the amount of shampoo you are using. Use shampoo on beard only twice a week. You can rinse it rest of the time.

3. Moisturize it as much as possible
Using products like beard oils, beard balms, and conditioners can help you moisturize your beard. 

4. Brush it regularly
Brushing your beard daily will keep it clean. It will also distribute the beard oil evenly throughout your beard and will improve blood circulation in that area. You can look for the best Viking Revolution beard grooming products online.

Apart from these, take necessary steps like covering your beard when you are outside. This will protect it from dust and pollution. You can also give it a spa once in a while. You need not make any extra effort for this. Just head into the spa room of your gym and you are done.

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