The Hairy Truth: Why Some Beards Grow Better than Others

The Hairy Truth: Why Some Beards Grow Better than Others

By: Beau Vuillemot • Jul 25, 2022

You've been trying to grow a beard for some time now, and all you have to show for your effort is stubble that simply refuses to grow any thicker or longer. You're beginning to feel frustrated. 

Before you do anything drastic, like shaving it all off, there are some factors you should know that affect how beards grow. Some are beyond your control, while some can be a game changer.

Find out what you can do to get the beard you've always wanted.


Your facial hair growth is highly dependent on testosterone, a hormone derived from cholesterol. Testosterone levels vary for males depending on age. Men usually have higher testosterone between 19 and 38 years old, and it decreases as they age. If you're within this bracket, that definitely improves your chances of a great beard.


Another factor that can dictate beard growth is genetics. You might have an average or even high testosterone level, but genetic variations, heredity, and ethnicity can be why you're struggling with your hairy goal.


If your diet is full of junk, you're trashing your chance for a beard worthy of envy. Being mindful of your nutrition can help boost your chances. If you already have facial hair and you want to make it healthier and lustrous, indulging in these foods will help you: lean protein from chicken and salmon, zinc from nuts and chickpeas, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, and healthy fats from avocados.


If you're living a sedentary lifestyle, which means being inactive or having no form of exercise, then that's definitely one area you should improve on. Exercise, especially cardio exercises, helps increase blood flow which in turn helps stimulate hair follicle growth. Resistance training also increases testosterone, and you already know how helpful that is.


Not a frequent bather? Well, that stinks up your chance for a fully grown beard! It usually takes a day of not washing for dirt and germs to start clogging your hair follicles and prevent facial hair growth. Don't settle on just any shampoo. Try our beard wash that deeply cleans and is formulated to promote beard growth and shine. It now comes in a sandalwood scent that will help make you feel fresh and clean even on the hottest days.


As suggested in the title, some men are blessed when it comes to growing a beard that they don't even have to lift a finger. But for those who need all the help they can get, say hello to our Beard Growth Kit. These beard growth essentials will not just up your chances to get the fully-grown beard you want, but make it look great too! Each kit contains beard growth serum, beard growth oil balm, a wooden comb, and a beard growth roller.

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