Top 10 Skincare Products for Spring

Top 10 Skincare Products for Spring

By: Beau Vuillemot • May 16, 2022

As the season changes, so should the way you care for what covers and protects most of you - your skin! Besides, there’s around 2 square meters of it. So we’re giving it the importance it deserves by sharing 10 products to help your skin prepare for Spring.

Face Wash

Letting shower water wash over your face isn’t enough to get the sweat, excess oil, and dirt off, especially in warmer weather. These pollutants stick around longer like an overstaying house guest. Good thing there’s our Charcoal Face Wash that can help clean and moisturize your face.

Facial Scrub

If you plan to trim your beard or shave most of it, get your hands on our facial scrub first, now available in 2 packs. Make it part of your shaving routine, and it will save you from awkward spots, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. 

Eye Cream 

Skin around the eyes is a tricky matter, that's why a product was developed specifically for that area - the eye cream. Using eye cream will help combat eye wrinkles, fine lines, bags, and circles to help complete a youthful-looking face. 

Drinking Water

Did you fall off your chair for this one? While it’s common knowledge that drinking water is good for the skin, a reminder now and then won’t hurt. Also, people who drink large amounts of water can get mutant-like abilities; they are less likely to suffer from scars, soft lines, wrinkles, etc. 

Light-Scented Soap

With winter in the rearview mirror, it’s time you change even the most basic of skincare products. For now, store those soaps that smell like solidified perfume. Get a light-scented soap and feel fresh for the warm weather.

Face Moisturizer 

If you’re getting overwhelmed by the list of new skincare products to buy just for Spring, here’s one that can carry over across seasons. Our face moisturizer cream is suitable for any season. It’s also good for any skin type, whether oily, dry, etc. Enjoy a youthful look and glow now and beyond.

Body Wash 

As you gear up for more activities, make sure you have something that’s got your back…front, sides, etc. covered. Try our Tea Tree Body Wash, formulated with the active person in mind. This all-natural product will help you fight several unwanted skin conditions while leaving you feeling moisturized and fresh!    


The warmer the weather gets, the lesser using a deodorant becomes an option and becomes more of a necessity. The problem is that there are many deodorants out there that seriously damage the skin. Good thing there’s our Natural Deodorant, now in 2 packs. Worrying about harsh and toxic ingredients is now a thing of the past. Raise your arms with confidence!      


Sunscreen in Spring? Why not? If your holiday takes you to the mountains or the sea, aside from the direct exposure to the sun, you get an extra serving of UV rays from the reflection of the snow, water, and sand. Just imagine the damage that will do to your skin. So use that sunscreen now! 

Tea Tree Balm 

With the Spring weather (and Summer just around the corner), you’ll be more prone to specific skin problems such as eczema, athlete’s foot, etc. You’ll need a sidekick that will help you during these times. Our Tea Tree Balm is not just formulated to work fast on the skin problems mentioned but helps prevent them and moisturizes your skin.


Face all your Spring happenings with complete confidence with our all-in-one Face Care Kit! It has all that you need for better-looking skin and a no-fuss daily skin routine.  

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