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Firm Hold Pomade

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  • Unruly hair meets its match. No matter the hair style you choose, our firm-hold pomade will keep even the thickest hair in place and look good. Nothing pulls - and holds - attention quite like a nice haircut. Make great looking hair your every day and make a statement with our hair styling pomade.

    As well as holding your hair style in place all day long with its firm hold, our styling pomade creates an appealing, shiny look to keep your hair looking healthy. We’ve made sure to avoid the ‘helmet hair’ look that you can get with some gels, and our grooming products won’t leave a crusty residue either.

    Viking Revolution Firm Hold Pomade provides the strong hold needed to finish that modern, casual, formal, classic, slick or messy hair style you want.

    The hair pomade is great for pompadours, slick backs and side parts. Get a high shine finish without the helmet hair look, you'll look like you just left the barber.

    We’ve made a hair styling product that’s easy to rinse out! Our men’s pomade also contains castor oil which has natural compounds that promote hair growth.

    With a light smell and natural ingredients, the pomade leaves your hair feeling healthy after use, unlike other grooming products which can leave your hair dry or damaged.

    All Viking products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - just contact us if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase.

    Easy to Rinse

    When you want to change your style, just wash your hair. Our styling pomade is water soluble, so removing it from your hair is quick and easy. When it’s time to re-style, our easy to use pomade container is ready for action again, and our grooming products are high in quantity as well as quality, so you won’t be running out any time soon.

    Chemical Free

    We’ve avoided harsh chemicals in this hair care pomade. The natural ingredients leave your hair feeling great after use, so you can use it every day to make sure you always look your best. We have also kept the smell light, so the scent won’t clash with your other hair grooming and styling products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 385 reviews
Jake Bower
Overall Satisfied :)

The scent is not strong by any means but it does have a light clean smell to it. As far as hold, I wish it was just a tad bit stronger just because my hair is very short and sometimes sweat from being outside or a light rain drizzle can cause the product to come out (the formula is water-based) but overall I would say that I had a good experience in making this purchase. The seller was SUPER awesome and sent me an email personally thanking me for my purchase and proactively reaching out to me asking my thoughts on the product and offering to exchange, replace, or refund me if I had any problems at all. That was super nice and that kind of customer service is difficult to find. My only suggestion would be to maybe make the formula so it can hold my style just a tad firmer/longer. It is good that it easily washes out - I do like that but I don�t wanna compromise that for the hold on my hair, either.

Luke Bond

I like the produvt but not as strong to hold up my hair sometimes

Kevin Clarkson
Smells clean and works just as well as Suavecito

I have short, thick and wavy hair that is difficult to slick back. I struggled for years to find a product that would actually hold my hair back without filling like a helmet when getting close to the opposite sex. I tried multiple brands from American CREW fiber to Johnny B hair gel and finally stumbled on Suavecito. That was the first pomade I used that smelled good and actually worked. After a while I got sick of the scent and wanted to try something new. I tried another good 4-5 different pomades found on Amazon including Viking Revolution. This works just as well as Suavecto firm hold but with a clean subtle scent. Great product and you can save some money switching too.

Brian Metcalfe
Lightweight, strong hold.

Extremely lightweight feeling for a strong hold pomade. Doesn�t feel like your hair is weighed down by product, though it holds really well. Reactivates easily with a little water. Washes out easily. Definite recommend.

Keith Hill
One of the best pomades I've used

All day strong hold, bit still washes out very easily. Gives hair a good, clean look and doesn't look like it's been gelled. Will definitely buy again.